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Beagle Ear Infection

Beagle with ear infection

What is a Beagle Ear Infection?

An ear infection is a common disease in Beagles and almost all dog breeds. This is a painful condition and Beagle Ear Infection requires urgent attention.

The long and floppy ears of your Beagle are some of his most adorable looks. However, these floppy ears increase his ability to catch an ear infection, which isn’t so adorable. With such an infection, you won’t see him jump up and down or become activated by the sight of you. Rather, he will be curled in a corner, agonizing in pain. He must get treatment as soon as possible lest the condition worsens.

How can I see if my Beagle has Ear Infection?

There are various ways in which you can determine whether your Beagle has an ear infection or not. One of the ways is to observe his behavior. If the disease is present, you will see him repeatedly scratching his ears. He also tends to shake his head almost every second. There are times when the disease can be so advanced that every shake of the head is associated with a large blood clot being emitted.

Take hold of your Beagle’s head and smell the ears from the inside. You are likely to sense some pretty bad smell. Try flapping the ears, up and down. If you feel some powerful odor, that’s an indication that all is not well.

Also, take a look at the discharge from the beagle’s ears. Various types of release are an indication that the beagle has an ear infection. It could be of any color, The substance comes in various colors like black, green, and yellow, and is known to have a thick consistency.

In summary, these symptoms should guide you in determining whether your Beagle has or doesn’t have an n ear infection:

  • Head shaking
  • The odor from the ears
  • Tilted head in severe cases
  • Scratching and pawing the ear
  • Swelling
Beagle dog puppy with ear infection

Shall I see a vet if my Beagle has Ear Infection?

When you sense that your beagle has an ear infection based on the symptoms discussed above, you should see a vet. Diagnosis will be done by the veterinarian both on the eardrum and ear canal using magnifying lenses. The vet may also take a sample of ear discharge and examine for any yeast, bacteria, or parasites.

In cases where a bacterial infection is suspected, the sample will be sent to a laboratory to know the type of infection being handled.

Given that the factors contributing to ear infections are many, it’s essential to take your beagle to a vet if you suspect an ear infection. This is not a disease you can treat from home.

What can I feed my Beagle that has an Ear Infection?

With the right food and help from a vet, you can combat a Beagle ear infection. Work hand in hand with your vet to eliminate foods that can potentially alleviate ear infections. Some appropriate food options when your beagle has an ear infection include:

Warning: Vet approval required

Beagle with ear infection


Your beagle with an infectious ear is in pain. Take action fast before the condition deteriorates.

Ensuring your Beagle’s health and well-being is crucial, and being aware of conditions like ear infections is a part of responsible pet ownership. If you’re interested in learning more about potential health risks when it comes to dogs, check out our article on ‘11 Diseases You Can Get if You Sleep with Dogs.

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